Terrelle Pryor the future of the Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks signed Terrelle Pryor this offseason to back up Super Bowl Champion Russell Wilson but could he actually have been signed to be the future of the Seahawks. I know that might sound ridiculous but think about it the Seahawks signed both Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman this offseason as well as Kam Chancellor last offseason. The contracts combined for the secondary was for $131.4 million for an average of 31.5 mil for the next 4 years. Starting next season Russell Wilson can start to negotiate a new contract and he will probably ask for a top dollar contract around $100 million. Now can the Seahawks afford that and the $131 million in the secondary? That’s where Terrelle Pryor comes in Pete Carroll developed numerous top tier Quarterbacks in College including 2 number 1s and another top 5 picks and now Russell Wilson is a top QB. Terrell Pryor coming out of high school was a five star recruit and the number one recruit in the nation and had a pretty successful college career. Pryor also has better athleticism than Wilson and a more prototypical frame for a Quarter back at 6’4 and 233Ibs. With Carrols history of developing QBs do not be surprised if you see the Seahawks switch to Pryor in a couple years as he will be cheaper than Wilson and may develop into a productive QB.


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